Real time weather data that you can depend on

Retrieve accurate, live weather data
for any location in the world.

Plan your day
with confidence

We use precise coordinates in our application to get real-time weather data. No more rescheduling plans last minute.

Time. Resources. Opportunity.

These are lost when plans fall through due to inaccurate data. We developed our application to prevent this from happening.

Reliable tools,
reliable results

The tools we’ve used are trusted by large, global organisations to provide accurate location and weather data worldwide.

The Pathfinder
weather solution

Our application converts your search text into exact coordinates using Mapbox. The coordinates are then used to retireve accurate, live weather data from Weatherstack. These APIs are both feature rich, lightweight and robust.

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Provides live map data to developers. Mapbox has over 700 million monthly active users and has been 100% carbon neutral as of 2018.


Retrieves instant, accurate weather information for any location in the world in lightweight JSON format. Weatherstack is one of the first self-service based weather information web services offering weather data in real-time.